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All Purpose Seasoning | Magic Spice Logo | London

Hayley's Magic Spice offers a variety of all purpose seasonings, handcrafted with premium herbs and spices.


Hayley's Magic Spice is locally sourced with zero preservatives, zero sugars, and made in small batches.

“Add the perfect flavour to ANY dish”.

Use in the kitchen for cooking, and at the table as a finishing touch.

Carefully selected ingredients are expertly blended to enhance the natural flavours in foods, and bring your dish to life.

One step, simple, and delicious taste.

Hayley's Magic Spice goes from your kitchen in simmering spaghetti sauce, to the living room for take out pizza. From fried eggs, green salad, popcorn, caesar rims, to a dry rub for pork roast, you will find endless possibilities with our line of versatile seasonings.

Transform your cooking experience with Hayley's Magic Spice today.

Made in Ontario.

Our Story

Hayley's Magic Spice began as a simple go to blend in our kitchen that quickly became a kitchen staple. The ease of grabbing one already perfectly blended jar, compared to finding and shaking six different spices into a hot pot.

Hayley's Magic Spice saves time and effort. No more guessing or dusty spice racks that barely get used. Plus Hayley's Magic Spice saves money and space too.

For many years, we gifted Hayley's Magic Spice for birthdays, holidays and special occasions.

Our friends and family started to request our then “unnamed spice blend”, always asking what's in it and trying to guess the ingredients. Before we knew it, Hayley's Magic Spice was at everyone’s table that we visited. 

We love sharing our passion for food and flavour with everyone we meet!

As a small team we create, purchase, test, sanitize, dehydrate, mix, grind, fill/package, deliver, market, and design everything ourselves.

We are proud to be a local based company, devoted to offering only premium quality products that we source locally whenever possible.

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