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Why Choose Hayley's Magic Spice?
  • Expertly blended to enhance ANY savoury dish

  • All purpose seasonings

  • High quality herbs and spices

  • Absolutely no fillers or anti-caking agents

  • Zero calories

  • Zero carbs

  • Zero fat

  • Zero preservatives 

  • Low sodium

  • Made in small batches to ensure optimal freshness 

  • 12+ month shelf life

  • Secure payments

  • Easy delivery, shipping and pickup options 

  • Quick delivery, convenient delivery 

  • Products sourced locally whenever possible #shoplocal

  • Perfect to use while cooking in the kitchen & to shake on your favorite foods at the table

  • Simplest way to add flavour 

  • Transform any dish

  • One step, easy seasoning

  • Delicious accent to your dish

  • The “for everything spice”

  • Endless possibilities 

  • The most versatile thing in your kitchen

  • Use on anything; from popcorn,to a caesars rim and in the kitchen for spaghetti and pork roast

  • No more cluttered dusty spice racks

  • Save time, space, and money

  • Hayley's Magic Spice makes the perfect gift!

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