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Ideas & Uses


*Use in the kitchen for cooking and at the table as a shaker for the perfect finishing touch*

  • Meats, seafood, fish

  • Eggs

  • Vegetables, salads

  • Pasta, rice, beans, lentils

  • Potatoes

  • Pizza, lasagna, spaghetti

  • Popcorn, pita chips

  • Soup, stew, chowder

  • Sauces, marinades, dips

  • Caesar rim

  • Add the best flavour to your take out pizza or french fries

  • The only spice needed in any sauce or dip!

  • For garlic butter -just add lemon & Hayley's Italian Magic Spice to butter

  • For Aioli/spicy mayo- just add your favourite hot sauce and Spicy Magic Spice to mayo

  • Use as a dry rub for chicken wings, roast beef, steak , salmon/shrimp, and even turkey

  • For taco seasoning just add cumin and flower to Hayley's Spicy Magic Spice

  • All purpose seasoning with endless possibilities

       Plus much more!

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